2017 Black Friday Sales for Ethical Fashion: Shop Your Values

Let’s be honest, everyone likes a good sale on their favorite brands or products. But over the past few years, Black Friday has become something more than a just few sales. It’s taken over one of the very few holidays that isn’t about material possessions: THANKGIVING. So with that in mind, I hope that you shop smart and consciously this Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend. Always ask yourself if you need each product, if the sale is actually worth it (or if it’s just hype) and if the company you’re purchasing from supports your values.

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Deals of the Week in Natural Beauty & Health – April 2017

Deals of the Week April 2017

When I try to encourage friends and family members to incorporate more natural beauty & health products into their lives, they tell me it’s too expensive for them. Then I share my favorite shopping tips and they see how affordable it can be! I wanted to share these deals and tips with you in hopes of making it easier and more accessible to incorporate more natural and healthier alternatives. Let’s see this week’s deals.

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Whole Foods Beauty Bag 2017

In the past couple years, Whole Foods has released a yearly beauty bag of the best skincare and makeup products! It’s my first year hearing about the Whole Foods Beauty Bag and I was able to pick one up for myself. I can’t believe what an amazing deal this bag is and how many amazing beauty goodies are in the bag. It’s heavy on skincare and I love that about it. Let’s see what was in the bag.

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Shea Moisture Problem Skin Facial System Review

Last year, I realized that I’m in my 20’s and I still suffer from issues with acne and blemishes. I wanted to change this reality so I picked up the Shea Moisture Clear & Balance Problem Skin Facial System. The kit includes a full-size African Black Soap Face & Body Bar, a full-size Problem Skin Facial Wash & Scrub, a full-size Problem Skin Moisturizer & a half-size Problem Skin Facial Mask. After using these products for a few months, I want to share my review of each product in the kit and my overall impression of the facial system. I also included a YouTube review at the bottom of this post!

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In the limelight: February 2017

In the limelight: February 2017 | Drops of Lemon & Honey

I’m starting this new series called “In the limelight”, as a way of sharing brands, items or people that I have been obsessed with this month. Everything I know about them I learned through their website or social media accounts. I live a conscious lifestyle; so many of these brands and items are natural, non-toxic, ethically made, sustainable and/or socially responsible. Now let’s shine the light on what caught my eye this February.

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