Ethical Fashion: Is This Accessible To Everyone?

It’s no secret that rules & policies have to be bent to give you, the consumer, those cheap prices you find at fashion retailers like Forever 21 and H&M. But what does that mean? Well it can be one or a combination of the following: Someone is not getting paid enough. Working conditions are below standard. Non-sustainable material is being used. Ownership of textiles or designs are not being credited. And the list goes on. Unfortunately, when you don’t grow up with a lot of money, as I did, this is not the first thought that comes to mind when making a purchase at the mall. Discovering ethical fashion has given me the language and perspective to analyze my experience with fashion.

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How To Always Look Put Together

How To Look Together

As you can probably tell, I can get pretty busy as a college student. I tend to neglect less urgent matters like blog posts and graphic design personal projects to focus on urgent obligations like homework, cooking and feeding my dogs. So I have been experimenting with everyday getting-ready tips and tricks to see what really works for me on my difficult days, i.e. midterms, long days of classes and more.

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