The Best Green Beauty Products of 2017

It’s 2018, so it’s time to finally recap the best green beauty products from last year. In 2017, I bought quite a lot of new green beauty products for my blog and YouTube channel. As a result, I’ve tried all types of green beauty products: skincare, hair care, makeup, you name it, but only a few items were good enough to make this list. So let’s dish the best of green beauty in 2017.

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Best of Green Beauty in 2017

I can attest that these products have been outstanding natural beauty products for most of 2017, if not all year. Some of these products are brand new to the green beauty space and some might be oldies but goodies. Everything in this list I consider my go-to product or, on some days, the only thing I would use. All the products I use and on this list are cruelty-free, natural, non-toxic beauty including many organic and vegan options as well! So let’s see what green beauty products I loved in 2017.

Evanhealy Nourishing Eye Balm

I can’t rave enough about the Evanhealy Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm. This eye balm is amazing at moisturizing the skin under my eyes and prepping it for concealer. It has also reduced the wrinkles and bumpy skin around the outer corner of my eyes. It definitely works best with a light facial mist to prime the skin and increase the absorption of all the nourishing ingredients in the balm. I used it daily for about a few weeks before I really saw any noticeable difference but it works! Plus it works great as a lip balm too.

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk

This year I’ve been using more makeup so I invested in this Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk as a makeup remover. It has worked so well for me because it’s gentle around the eyes and strong enough to remove stuck on mascara. It’s easy to remove with a damp facial towel or by double cleansing with another facial cleanser. I never have that icky feeling on my skin that most oil cleansers give me after I wash it off.

HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Taupey Plum

If only had to use one eye shadow in 2018, it would be the HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Taupey Plum. The color Taupey Plum is a beautiful shimmery brown and light pink/purple duo-chrome color that’s so versatile and buttery smooth. It blends great as crease color and all over the lid for a little shimmer. It wears great all day and I was definitely rockin’ it all of 2017.

Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Felt-Tip Eyeliner

I’m a big fan of a simple cat eye look and the Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Felt-Tip Eyeliner made it easy to draw one every day. The felt tip head is great for beginners and experts alike. It’s like drawing your cat eye with a nice marker and cleaning up your mistakes is a breeze. It’s not waterproof but I’ve got to say I don’t mind that for normal daily use. The only thing is that is not the cleanest, green beauty eyeliner out there so I’m still on the hunt for another one for 2018.

Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner

This Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner have revived my dry, brittle hair in 2017. I can’t believe I didn’t find these hair products any sooner. The shampoo really cleans all the product build up in my hair without drying my scalp. The conditioner lightly conditions my hair so that it’s soft, tangle-free and just moisturized enough. If one product was the best of 2017, this shampoo would definitely be it for me. Did I also mention that it smells amazing? Yeah, it’s that good.

Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Deodorant

I was using the Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Deodorant in Juicy Bamboo travel size version for most of the year and I loved it! It’s so great at keeping my underarms dry and fresh which is something that I never found with any other deodorant. Before using this I thought I had gone through my pit detox, but after trying this out for a few days, I realized I hadn’t. It helped me get through the end of my pit detox and now I love it as a daily deodorant. The scent juicy bamboo is also perfect for me and this deodorant has been a lifesaver in 2017.

Metta Skincare Intensive Replenishing Face Balm

The Metta Skincare Intensive Replenishing Face Balm is perhaps one of the best facial balms that I have ever tried period. At a first glance, it might seem pretty oily, but don’t be intimidated. It’s rich in amazing ingredients and truly packs a punch. The balm smells amazing and feels like a treat every time you use it! I love this balm because when I use it at night, the next morning I wake up to baby soft skin and all my blemishes have started to fade away. It’s the best for nourishing dry, winter skin and great for normal to dry skin year round. Unfortunately I finished my balm before the end of the year so I couldn’t photograph it for this blog post, but I’m picking up a new one ASAP.

Pacha Soap Co. Clarifying Charcoal Bar Soap

The Pacha Soap Co. Clarifying Charcoal Bar Soap is a bar soap designed for both your face and body, but I primarily liked to use it for my face. It was just enough clarifying power to fight any breakouts on my skin and moisturizing enough to not dry out my skin. This was my first time using a facial bar soap as a part of my skincare routine and it has completely changed the game for me. Unfortunately I finished this bar soap before I had a chance to photograph it, but you can bet I’ll be picked up another one soon. I want to explore even more of Pacha Soap Co.’s other facial bar soaps in the future.

Konjac Sponges

While the konjac sponge pictured above is from Afterspa, I couldn’t really pick one konjac sponge for this list because I loved them all! So 2017 has officially been the year of konjac sponges for me. I rediscovered this love at the beginning of the year and it has been part of my skin routine ever since. Konjac sponges elevate any other facial cleanser’s performance by adding a light exfoliation that’s perfect for daily use. I also use it to help lather up certain cleansers for a more efficient wash. But alone is really where these konjac sponges truly shine; they helped get rid of all the hyperpigmentation and dark spots with just a little water. There are also plenty of sponges that have infused ingredients and the options are endless!

Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Lip Stain

The Su/Stain Lip Stain in Marsala is one of the newest products from Au Naturale Cosmetics in 2017, so I knew I had to try it out. In my Petit Vour unboxing video, you could tell I would love it from the start. The product is so easy to use because it’s velvety smooth and opaque. There’s no need to dip the applicator into the tube more than once! When it comes to the feel on my lips, it’s a super comfortable matte liquid lipstick. It’s not drying on the lips, but it doesn’t hurt to prime your lips with a little lip balm. I’m dying to pick up more colors to try in 2018!

Mineral Fusion Lip Pencil in Graceful

I discovered the Mineral Fusion Lip Pencil in Graceful in Whole Foods last year. It was love from first swatch. The color itself is gorgeous; it’s a darker nude shade with brown and terracotta notes. I love wearing it alone because it doesn’t dry out my lips and stays put all day. But I also love layering under a lipstick or lip gloss. I definitely want to pick up a few more lip liners from Mineral Fusion because I saw some shades that would work so well with my lipstick collection.

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner

In 2017, I learned the importance of a good toner with the Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner. This has been essential to keep my skin hydrated and blemish free throughout the year. It works by balancing the pH on your skin and that is essential for my dry combination skin to stay at a happy balance. When dry areas get too dry or breakout prone areas get too oily, a few sprays of this mist toner and I’m set. The spray bottle disperses a fine mist every time, so I can get an even coverage of my face in 2 sprays. I use it daily right out of the shower and it preps my skin for all the other skin products I use.

Lily Lolo Natural Lip Gloss in Damson Dusk

I was obsessed with the Lily Lolo Natural Lip Gloss in Damson Dusk in 2017. It’s a beautiful mauve lip gloss that works for perfectly for every day. The consistency of the gloss isn’t tacky or too sticky. So don’t worry your hair won’t be sticking to this gloss on a windy day. The lip gloss is more opaque than most lip glosses but it layers beautifully over lipsticks and lip liners. Also it has a wonderful smell and taste, like a little bit hot cocoa on your lips. I definitely will continue to wear this in 2018 now that lip gloss is making a comeback.

Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer in 030

The Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer in 030 has been my favorite concealer in 2017. I used it more times than I can even recollect, hence why it looks so used up in the picture above. I love it because it’s really two products in one for me. It’s a highlighter and a concealer wrapped in one. The concealer has light to medium build-able coverage which is perfect for daily use. The brightening, highlighter feature is perfect for under my eyes to make me look more awake and alert than I might be actually be. Also it’s so easy to apply and blend with just your finger tips, so I keep it in my purse in case I need to refresh or didn’t have time for makeup in the morning.

Adorn Cosmetics Mineral Brow Dust in Megan

The best surprise this year was the Adorn Cosmetics Mineral Brow Dust in Megan. When I first got it in my Petit Vour box, I was intimidated by the idea of using a loose brow powder. Would I make a mess? Would I use too much product? But after trying it out, it has been so easy to use! The brow dust blends really nicely and stays put all day. I love using it to lightly fill in my brows on busy days when I don’t have too much time to do my makeup. But whether I want a natural brow or something more bold, this brow dust has never failed me. Also the color Megan is a great cool toned brown that never looks orange or too dark for an average brunette like me.

Kani Botanicals Galaxy Milk Illuminating Beauty Oil

This Kani Botanicals Galaxy Milk Illuminating Beauty Oil really impressed me in 2017. First, I have to highlight – you see what I did there – the fact that not only is it natural, but it’s organic and vegan. Triple threat! While an illuminating oil might seem intimidating, it’s a breeze to blend and a drop is all you need. The color is an iridescent white/rose gold highlight. It perfectly compliments my olive skin and especially during the summer when I’m a little more tan. Also, you can create a light layer for daily use or layer it up for more glam, night out looks. Now the best thing about it is that I’ve been using it all year but it looks like I’ve barely put a dent into it. It could last forever!

Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil

I love the look and feel of my skin after using the Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil. It’s part of my daily nighttime routine because it makes my skin look so radiant, smooth and nourished after I use it. Honestly, I’ve been using it more in my daytime routine too because I love it so much. It’s a concentrated oil, so I only need a few drops which makes it lasts for a long time. Although it is considered anti-aging, I think it’s great for almost any age because it deeply nourishes your skin and just makes it glow.

YouTube Video: Best of 2017

If you want to hear me talk about the products, check out my YouTube video on the best of green beauty in 2017. I’ve included some swatches of a few makeup products and more images of everything in my video. Also if you can, please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

So that’s the best of green beauty in 2017! Every natural, non-toxic beauty product I loved last year beauty is on this list. What products were you surprised to see? Do you have any green beauty products that you think I should try next? Let me know in the comments. Happy 2018!

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