Natural Beauty DIY’s for 2018

Hello 2018! Ready for some natural beauty DIY’s that will make 2018 the best year yet? Beauty trends like glossy lips and glowing skin are going to steal the show in 2018. Let’s see how can follow these trends at home and keep it non-toxic!

Brightening Face Mask



A glowing skin will be essential this 2018. So try out this DIY brightening turmeric and lemon mask from The Glowing Fridge to keep your face bright and glowing all year.

DIY Lip Gloss

Natural Beauty DIY's You Must Try in 2018 | DIY Lip Gloss

It’s 2018 and the glossy lip is back. So what better than making your own gloss? To make your own gloss, check out this DIY from Naturally Handcrafted.

Fenugreek Eyebrow Mask

Natural Beauty DIY's You Must Try in 2018 | Fenugreek Eyebrow Mask

Since 2018 is about going au naturale with your makeup, make sure your brows are fuss-free and naturally luscious. If you need a little help to grow your brows to perfection, try out this fenugreek eyebrow mask from The Indian Spot.

DIY Beetroot Blush

Natural Beauty DIY's You Must Try in 2018 | DIY Beetroot Blush

Although this year’s Pantone color is the beautiful Ultra Violet, not everyone is ready to start off the year wearing bright purple eye shadows. So try something more natural like this DIY beetroot blush from The Dabblist. It’s just the right color to get you wearing purple by the end of the year.

DIY Liquid Highlighter

Natural Beauty DIY's You Must Try in 2018 | DIY Liquid Highlighter

When you want to give your natural glow a boost, reach for a liquid highlighter. This 2018 you can glow like a mermaid with this DIY liquid highlighter from The Half Hippie. Get your glow on!

Natural Beauty DIYs for 2018 | Drops of Lemon & Honey

With all these DIY’s under your belt, you will be ready for all the beauty trends of 2018. Let me know in the comments which DIY is your favorite one. Also please feel free to share what you’re most excited for in 2018.

‘Til next time!


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