Happy December everyone! So I’ve been thinking a lot about advent calendars and gift giving after the whole rush of Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. It always seems like everyone is full gift giving mode once December begins, but this year I’m doing things a little different. Instead of recommending traditional holiday gifts for your loved ones, I’d thought I’d share other forms of gift giving: donations and advocacy. I was inspired by a Glamour magazine article of “31 Days of Giving” where each day highlights an organization that needs our help; I love the idea! So I’ve picked a few of my own favorite organizations to create my own 25 days of giving. If you can donate, donate. If you can advocate and show your support, share it with your friends and family. Let’s make this year about more than just traditional gift giving. Check out Day 5 & 6!

Remember to check back every day to see which organization I add to the list.

Day 1

Americares – www.americares.org 

This one is inspired from the original article but what a great organization to start with. It’s been a tragic year of natural disasters. So I’d like to think that a donation of $50 or any amount can help those affected by the recent hurricanes Maria and Harvey have a brighter holiday season. Check out their website to learn more about what they do and other ways to take action.

Day 2

Anti-Slavery International – www.antislavery.org

In more recent news, a devastating video has shed light on the fact that people are being sold as slaves in Libya as they try to flee to Europe for refuge. Whether it’s in Libya or in your country, a great way to help fight slavery worldwide is to support organizations like Anti-Slavery International with a donation of £20 (~$26.94). I also wanted to mention that you can give your time and make a few phone calls to help bring attention to the issue in Libya. Here’s a great article that explains how to do this.

Day 3

Best Friends Animal Society – www.bestfriends.org

This organization is close to my heart as a former volunteer and pup parent myself. During this holiday season there is nothing better than adopting a new family member through amazing organizations like Best Friends Animal Society. They fight for no kill shelters and have helped hundreds of animals find their forever homes. You can help support their efforts with a donation of $25. For those who have a little time and live in LA, it’s really easy to volunteer or adopt a new furry friend from their shelter.

Day 4

Stand for Children – www.stand.org

Access to a good education is so important in today’s society. That’s why I love supporting organizations like Stand for Children. They are helping students in under-served communities get access to better education. A donation of $10 not only benefits students, but it helps empower their parents and community members to demand better schools in their own neighborhoods. Definitely check out their website and all the great work that this organization has been doing for over 2 decades!

Day 5

Equality Now – www.equalitynow.org

Let’s help close the gender gap! With a donation of $50, you can help fight for women’s and girls’ rights worldwide. Equality Now believes that working for legal change is one of the most effective ways to create social change. Whether it’s in the form of legal advocacy or partnerships with community organizations, Equality Now is reminding everyone that an injustice to women or girls is not just a women’s issue, but a human rights issue as well. Find out how you can help gender equality become the norm by supporting this organization online or through projects in your area.

Day 6

Southern Poverty Law Center – www.splcenter.org

Hate, discrimination & extremism have become somewhat commonplace in today’s society. Fortunately, organizations like Southern Poverty Law Center are working to remind us that this is not and should not be acceptable. They are fighting hate by educating the public and media through expert analysis of hate group activities and key intelligence. They’re also teaching tolerance to the nation’s youth in order to reduce the amount of discrimination and prejudice in today’s society. A donation as low as $25 can help them not only fight hate and teach tolerance but also seek justice for all the injustices that result from hate and discrimination. Find out more about how they seek justice and how you can support these effort through their website.

Please feel free to use the hashtag #25daysofgiving or message me on Instagram @dropsoflemonandhoney to share any of your favorite organizations too. You can also share them in the comments too!

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25 Days of Giving 2017 Drops of Lemon & Honey

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