In the limelight: March 2017

Another month, another “In the limelight”. This series is called “In the limelight” where I share brands, items, people and more that I have been obsessed with this month. Everything I know about them I learned through their website or social media accounts. Some items I had a chance to try but I’m still learning more. I live a conscious lifestyle; so many of these brands and items are natural, non-toxic, ethically made, sustainable and/or socially responsible. To another month of things that caught my eye:

Shift Eco Boutique

Shift Eco Boutique - In the limelight: March 2017

I’m thrilled to discover Shift Eco Boutique. It’s an ethical fashion store in Cape Cod and close to Boston, where I live. They sell clothes for women, babies and some homeware items. I have been looking to incorporate more ethical fashion brands into my wardrobe without breaking the bank. This boutique has pretty good prices and incredible sales online and in store. There’s nothing like touching a piece of clothing and really taking a look at it before you purchase. Hopefully I can find some time in my busy schedule to go out to Cape Cod to visit Shift Eco Boutique. Check them out too if you’re in the Boston or Cape Cod area!

CoCoLavish Dry Shampoo

CoCoLavish Dry Shampoo - In the limelight: March 2017

I still haven’t found the perfect, natural dry shampoo yet, but I think I might have found a new contender: the CoCoLavish Dry Shampoo. It’s a vegan, natural dry shampoo made from 3 simple and clean ingredients: essential oils, cocoa powder & arrowroot powder. I learned about this from a green beauty YouTuber, The Green Bunny. She says that it’s incredibly underrated and a must-try. So I’ve definitely added it to my shopping cart but haven’t committed to purchasing it just yet. Maybe you might just see it in my next haul video.

Whole Foods Beauty

Whole Foods Beauty - In the limelight: March 2017

This month I’ve been spending more time exploring my local Whole Foods beauty section. Technically they are called their “whole body” section but I gravitate towards the skincare and makeup area. I’ve discovered new brands, taken advantage of beauty sales, bought my first WF beauty bag and made friends with the whole body employees. Essentially I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for shopping for beauty items in Whole Foods. I think I learned quite a bit and want to create a whole blog post dedicated to sharing tips on how to shop beauty at Whole Foods and where to go in the Boston area. Let me know if there are any questions you’d like me to answer as well!

Polar Seltzer Water

Polar Seltzer - In the limelight: March 2017

There’s nothing that could ever compare to soda until I had Polar Seltzer Water. I discovered it during a sale in my local grocery store and I thought I would give it a try. Now I’m hooked and I have already tried a handful of flavors. I looked into the ingredients and it’s a short list: seltzer water & natural flavors. Initially I was incredibly skeptical of how natural and healthy it could be for me, almost seemed too good to be true. But their natural flavors are made from fruit concentrated essences and nothing artificial. They’re also a local brand to Massachusetts. You can find them almost everywhere in Boston!

I hope you enjoyed another month of “In the limelight”. I’d love to hear what your thoughts on are these brands or items. Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these items or recommend I look into a new brands for April. They might just show up on my next “In the limelight”.

‘Til next time!


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