All Natural Salmon Oil For Dogs

All Natural Salmon Oil For Dogs

Lately my dogs have been shedding more than normal. It’s winter and I know that dogs should shed their coats, but it’s been getting a little out of hand. The amount of hair I vacuum on a weekly basis is more than I’ve ever seen. So I began to wonder is they were missing nutrients and how to deal with their excessive shedding. Luckily, I discovered an opportunity to try an all natural salmon oil for dogs. Here’s my review of the TerraMax Pro’s Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil [here].

All Natural Salmon Oil For Dogs

What is it?

This products is an all natural salmon oil supplement for dogs. It’s full of Omega-3 fatty acids which are said to have many benefits to a dog’s body and mind. It’s most popularly known for supporting a dog’s healthy skin and coat which can help reduce shedding and prevent hot spots. Also it’s known to help promote weightloss and reduce allergies in some dogs. I chose TerraMax Pro’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil because they have the highest quality fish oil from wild-caught salmon that are caught using sustainably and environmentally responsible fishing methods. This oil is also distilled to remove all toxins. It’s human grade and doesn’t have any additives or preservatives.

When you purchase this item, it comes with a pump and 2 caps. The first cap is just there to keep the oil sealed before you use it. It’s not useful to have for a daily basis, only for travel. The second cap has a fold-able spout to  pour out the oil in a more controlled manner. I haven’t really used it so I can’t say how leak-proof it is. The pump is the best and it measures 1 tsp per pump. It also doesn’t drip which is really rare when dealing with oils.

All Natural Salmon Oil For Dogs

Did it work?

I tried this product for a few weeks on my two dogs, Toby and Theo. A little about my dogs: Toby is a short hair chiweenie that sheds on an average basis. It’s never anything too overwhelming unless his coat is dry or he’s scratching frequently. Theo is a cocker spaniel and retriever mix who has long fluffy hair. He sheds a lot. He’s the reason I have a consistent vacuuming schedule and why I need lint rollers all over the apartment. Both dogs have recently gained a little weight since moving to Boston. With the consistent snow it’s been more difficult to take them out for long walks or to play at the dog park. We’ve been spoiled by the weather in California.

All Natural Salmon Oil For Dogs

I brush my dogs and vacuum on a weekly basis. I compared the amount of hair I brushed from them every week since I started incorporating the oil into their meals. I also made note of the amount of hair that built up around the apartment every week. Here are my findings:

I noticed a distinguishable decrease in Toby’s shedding around the apartment. I collect a little less hair after each brushing session. I wouldn’t say he stopped shedding completely, but I did see a decrease. His hair is also a little softer and less coarse. As for weightloss, I noticed no changes in Toby’s weight.

With Theo, I didn’t initially notice any difference in shedding or in the amount of hair after each weekly brushing session. Although, I did notice that his hair was a little softer and shinier. But then I realized that I wasn’t giving Theo enough oil for his weight. The pump only measures 1 tsp at a time. Since Theo needed 1 3/4 tsp it was difficult to dispense the correct amount of his daily oil supplement. So I decided to give him 2 pumps (2 tsps) exactly. Afterwards, I did notice a small decrease of his hair around my apartment. I continue to brush out the same amount of hair every week but he sheds a little less around the apartment. Finally, Theo’s weight has not changed since incorporating the oil supplement into his daily meals.

All Natural Salmon Oil For Dogs

Final thoughts

Overall, I believe that this product improves my dogs’ health and maintains my sanity enough to keep using it. They shed a little less and have healthier coats. It’s not an overnight, extreme decrease in shedding, but it’s something. I don’t have as much hair to vacuum on a weekly basis or to de-lint from my clothes. The oil also doesn’t affect their digestion in any negative way.  I don’t think I see this salmon oil as a weightloss supplement, but it doesn’t need to be. As for the other claims like better mental agility, healthier heart, lungs and more, it’s far too early to see. Perhaps it’s something that would be more distinguishable in puppies. I would definitely recommend this to dog owners who prefer more natural alternatives to dealing with shedding and promoting healthier coats. However, don’t expect radical, less shedding. I’ll probably continue to purchase this again unless I found a better natural supplement.

Let me know what your experience was like with this product or similar oil supplements for dogs.

‘Til next time!


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