The Quip Toothbrush & How It Changed The Game

Quip Tooth Brush | Drops of Lemon & Honey

Although I hate to admit it, brushing my teeth hasn’t always been a daily habit or priority for me. At the end of a long day, I used to dread brushing my teeth. Luckily my dental health wasn’t ever a serious issue and, as a result, I never used anything other than traditional store-bought toothbrushes. But after an appointment a few months ago, my dentist recommended that I try an electric toothbrush. He told me that sometimes an electric toothbrush can be just as effective as using a traditional toothbrush AND flossing. So after a little research, I decided to pick up a quip toothbrush for myself and my boyfriend.

Why quip?

I was in the market for a electric tooth brush that I could to invest in. I didn’t have an unlimited budget, but I originally expected to spend about $35. I first discovered quip through an Instagram ad. Quip was different from all other electric toothbrushes in the market and the price fit my budget, so I gave it a second glance. I’m glad I did because, soon after, I fell in love.

The design was stunning and simple. The more I explored the color options, the more I was captivated by the copper metal option. The copper was more expensive than my original budget, but it still seemed reasonable to me. Features like the adhesive toothbrush holder, 2 minute timer and battery power were exactly what I was looking for. The bundle also included a $5 toothbrush head renewal service every 3 months. The toothbrush and holder didn’t need counter space in my small bathroom. The embedded 2 minute timer would help me improve my dental hygiene habits. And finally the beautiful design wasn’t an eye sore. This was something that I could actually incorporate into my life and I wouldn’t have to worry about remembering to order new toothbrush heads. So I grabbed my laptop and ordered a quip toothbrush for myself in copper metal and one for my boyfriend in gold metal.

How It Changed the Game

As a designer, I appreciate how the quip toothbrush is stripped down simplicity. Most electric toothbrushes these days are over designed; they’re full of unnecessary features and over complicate the process of brushing your teeth. Quip is simple, unique and beautiful. One button turns it on and off and that’s all you need to know to start using it.  Pressing the button once starts the 2 minute timer and vibration. Pressing the button again stops everything. There is no pause function or button and I think there is no need for it. The 2 minute timer is divided into 4 segments of 30 seconds by a distinctive loud vibration. When I brush my teeth, the 4 loud vibrations help me keep track of my time so that I brush every section of my mouth evenly. But if I ever do get interrupted before the third vibration, I just start over. It’s never a big issue or a waste of time.

In my small bathroom, I don’t have much counter space so I love how versatile and compact setup is. The toothbrush is battery powered and, unlike most other electric toothbrushes, it doesn’t need a complicated charging station or wires. I have my and my boyfriend’s quip toothbrushes in their adhesive toothbrush holders attached to the back of our medicine cabinet door. It’s so simple, clean and hygienic. Even the holder is easy to keep clean because the bottom cap can come off and on; although sometimes a little too easily, if you ask me.

The Quip Toothbrush

Tips & Tricks

Before attaching the holder to my cabinet, I tried using it as a toothbrush cover but it felt like a cap that was two sizes too big. I wouldn’t recommend using the holder alone for traveling. Instead you can use the tube, the one that it originally arrived in, alone or in conjunction with the holder. Whenever I travel I leave the holder at home and use the tube alone. It keeps the toothbrush clean and I don’t need to reattach the holder to my cabinet when I get back. But if you do remove the holder, the adhesive is incredible! It will reattach so easily after you clean it with a clear piece of tape. I admit I was skeptical at first, but I am now thoroughly impressed.

Refill Plan

Before the quip toothbrush, I only remembered to change my tooth brush every 3 months because my college ran on a quarter system. Classes were about 10 weeks long so I would change out my toothbrush accordingly. Unfortunately, post-grad life is not scheduled the same and I needed something that scheduled itself. Luckily the quip toothbrush does that for me now. Since I’ve purchased it, it’s on a refill plan that delivers batteries and new toothbrush heads every 3 months. It’s super easy to maintain or adjust my next shipment online. I believe I am now spoiled to this way of life.

The refills for the toothbrush head come in small plastic containers similar to original test tube container. The batteries are also included in the basic refill package. The toothbrush battery lasts a little over 3 months for me, so the timing is perfect. It also comes with a lovely pamphlet with tips and reminders. For the most part, I am a big fan of the refill plan. The only thing I could be improved is making the refill plastic containers more sustainable. Maybe suggested DIY’s could be included in the refill pamphlets. These small refill containers will definitely add up over a few years so I see potential for suggestions on how to reuse or recycle them. I will definitely trying to figure that out myself.

Overall, the thoughtful design of the quip toothbrush has actually improved my brushing habits. I get an even clean in every quadrant of my mouth with the segmented 2 minute timer. The placement of my toothbrush is accessible to my eye level so I don’t miss it. The copper metal finish is captivating and a great motivation to use the product. Hands down, this electric toothbrush is my favorite product. I want to rave about it as much as I possibly can and this blog post isn’t even sponsored. I know what I’ll be gifting to friends and family the next holiday season.

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