No Bark Collars, Do They Really Work?

No Bark Collars, Do They Really Work?

I’m a proud dog mother to two fur babies, Toby & Theo. Since moving into my apartment, Toby has been consistently barking at night for no apparent reason. He’s woken me up multiple times in the middle of the night and has caused Theo to start barking as well. I live in a small apartment complex with some students and young professionals and I don’t feel comfortable bothering my neighbor’s sleeping schedules. I tried addressing the problem with treats and basic training, but no luck. So I purchased the No Bark Collar from My Love, My Pet to see if it would really work.

Why a No Bark Collar?

My Love, My Pet’s No Bark Collar is a no harm, anti-bark, shock dog collar [here]. Originally, I was incredibly hesitant about any form of a shock dog collar. I was worried that my dog would be hurt or hate me for buying him the collar. However, the more I looked into this collar, the more I realized that it was more than a simple shock collar. This collar works through 7 levels of “beeps” or warning tones that progressively stop your dog’s barking. After a bark, the first short tone warns your dog to stop barking. If your dog consistently barks for a given time period, 2 more tones progressively play before it combines the tone with a shock. The collar also has adjustable sensitivity levels that ensure your dog doesn’t receive warning tones for the wrong sounds or to adjust for the loudness of your dog’s bark. These features made me feel more comfortable to try out this product. And in all transparency, I was able to try out this product for a reduced price as long as I review it. So onto my review!

No Bark Collars, Do They Really Work?

Did My Dog Stop Barking?

I’ve been using this product for a couple weeks now and I can actually say that I see the difference. Toby’s barking has decreased and, in turn, has caused Theo to stop barking as well. However, I wouldn’t call this product a miracle anti-bark collar that instantly and permanently stops your dog’s barking. If I had to review this product with one phrase, I would say “it curbed my dog’s barking.” The 7 levels of warning tones trained my dog to bark once and stop right after. It doesn’t address the triggers for the barking; so if my dog is very alert, he will bark once. Luckily, the barking has been reduced significantly.  At the worst barking instances with the collar, my dog heard 3-4 warning tones before he stopped. Now he hears one and that’s all he needs. I don’t think that it will ever address any whines or growling but I don’t have that issue with Toby so I didn’t keep an eye out for that.

No Bark Collars, Do They Really Work?

Things To Know

Installation is very easy and the collar comes with a battery. The sensitivity levels aren’t very clear at first and it requires lots of trial and error. My best suggestion is if you’re worried about the shock, which isn’t too strong at all, go for a low sensitivity level (1-3). If you aren’t sure where to start, the collar is originally programmed at 4 so don’t click on the + or – buttons after you install the battery. I would let your dog wear the collar and increase the sensitivity level if it doesn’t pick up their barks, but decrease if it starts to pick up other sounds like their dog tag rattling or other sounds. I started out at level 1 (lowest sensitivity) and now I keep the collar at 5-6. I have a chiweenie who doesn’t have a high pitch bark and he shakes his body often these days after being outside because of the rain and snow. Level 7 was picking up the sound of his dog tag shaking so I decreased it. Another recommendation is to ignore the plastic item that is meant to test the circuit for your collar. Mine didn’t work when I tried to test it and honestly it’s not as useful as just testing the sensitivity levels with different sounds.

Overall I’m glad I got this item to help curb Toby’s barking. It’s been much more comfortable to sleep at night knowing that Toby won’t bark incessantly at random noises. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with bark-y dogs regardless of breed or size.

‘Til next time!

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