7 Natural Perfume Brands You Need to Know

I’ve been on the hunt for my signature scent since I got first perfume in high school. Since then, I’ve switched over to clean beauty – all natural & non-toxic. Needless to say, it’s been more difficult to find the perfect scent. I researched countless natural perfume brands at different price points and started exploring their fragrances. In the process, I’ve found these 7 amazing natural perfume brands that you need to know and try. I’ve included my recommendations for each brand as well.

Florescent Botanical Perfume | 7 Natural Perfumes You Need to Try


Website |  http://florescent.co/

Brand Details | 100% Botanical because each scent is crafted from distillations and extractions of real flowers, herbs, woods, balsams, resins and seeds, cruelty-free & free of the synthetics, chemical additives, and fixatives

Price* | $79

Range of Scents | Sunday, Gâteaux & Pretty Bird

Product Selection | 15mL* perfumes, 5mL perfumes, & trial kits

My Recommendations | I would pick up the trial kit to experience each of the scents. But if I had to pick one to buy full-size, I would pick Gâteaux. I love the orange blossom notes and the “herbaceous garden floral” as the website puts it.

Pour Le Monde 100% Natural Perfumes | 7 Natural Perfumes You Need to Try

Pour Le Monde

Website | http://www.pourlemondeparfums.com/index.html

Brand Details | The only certified 100% natural, fine fragrance company, certified vegan & cruelty-free by PETA, recognized by the Natural Products Association & each scent supports a different charity: Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Cancer Support Community and National MS Society

Price* | $82

Range of Scents | Empower, Together, Envision

Product Selection | 50mL perfumes* & sample packs

My Recommendations | I would also pick up the sample pack to experience each of the scents. But if I had to pick one to buy full-size, I would pick Envision. I love the citrus top notes and the base of warm scents like vanilla and sandalwood.

Forager | 7 Natural Perfumes You Need to Try


Website | http://www.foragerbotanicals.com/

Brand Details | All natural, botanical essential oils (organic when possible), free from harmful synthetics, not tested on animals, vegan, handcrafted in Brooklyn & color, paraben, sulfate and preservative free

Price* | $98

Range of Scents | Nectar, Island Lei, Bloom, Woodland

Product Selection | 2 fl. oz (~59mL) perfumes*, 10 ml rollerballs & rollerball collections

My Recommendations | I would pick up their rollerball collection although it’s pricey and share the cost with friends and family to experience each of the scents. Everyone can pick the one they like the most and stay with it. If I had to pick one to buy full-size, I would pick Woodland. I love the cedarwood and lavender notes because it’s unisex and I’m drawn to less feminine fragrances.

James - By Rosie Jane | 7 Natural Perfumes You Need To Try

By Rosie Jane

Website | https://byrosiejane.com/

Brand Details | An eco-focused apothecary and lifestyle brand, hand crafted in small batches out of LA, made using natural and organic ingredients like essential oils, absolutes, and nature identicals, paper packaging is 100% recyclable, made with 100% wind power, vegetable based inks and sustainable, have a “give back” program where you an return any four empty By Rosie Jane containers and, in exchange, they send you a new bottle of their best selling roll-on fragrance

Price* | $49

Range of Scents | Tilly, Leila Lou, James, Rosie

Product Selection | 1.7 fl. oz (50mL) perfumes*, 5mL roll-on perfumes & sample trial packs

My Recommendations | I would pick up their sample trial pack to experience each of the scents. But if I had to pick one to buy full-size, I would pick Leila Lou. I love the pear and jasmine notes mixed with the scent of fresh cut grass. It would be the perfect every day scent.

BS 003 - Lurk | 7 Natural Perfumes You Need To Try


Website | http://lurkmade.com/

Brand Details | Made for the modern organic lifestyle, all natural scents made with 100% pure essential oils, certified organic jojoba and pure organic alcohol, hold high eco-standards for production and packaging like recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging, wind-powered printing with environmentally friendly inks and ingredients sourced from sustainable farms & don’t use additives, synthetics, compounds, fixatives, preservatives, GMO’s, phthalates, or parabens in their products

Price* | $58-$225

Range of Scents | BS 004, BS 003, AS01, BB 11, CRG V9, NST V7, OM 011, PRJ V1, PRM 016, RSW 005, TRN V4, VLC V3

Product Selection | 30mL perfumes* & 6mL perfume oils*

My Recommendations | They don’t have samples on their website, but maybe other luxury natural beauty sites might offer them. If I had to pick one to buy full-size, I would pick BS 003 in perfume oil. I like the mix of crisp citrus notes and Bergamot to round out and sweeten the scent.

Voyage - Hiram Green | 7 Natural Perfumes You Need To Try

Hiram Green

Website | http://hiramgreen.com/

Brand Details | Handcrafted fragrances made exclusively from natural materials, “natural fragrances need not be instantly recognizable as natural”, developed and produced in small batches by Hiram in The Netherlands, praised and recognized by perfume experts & enthusiasts

Price* | $165

Range of Scents | Arbolé Arbolé, Moon Bloom, Shangri La, Dilettante, Voyage (limited edition)

Product Selection | 50mL perfumes*, 10mL perfumes & samples

My Recommendations | They have perfume samples at Twisted Lily [here] and I would pick up one for each scent to try them out. But if I had to pick one to buy full-size, I would pick Voyage. I know it’s limited edition but I love the citrus & vanilla mix, so sultry!

Providence Perfume Co.

Website | https://www.providenceperfume.com/

Brand Details | Created by Charna Ethier to embrace the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world, 100% natural, blended in a pure alcohol spirit base, handcrafted in small batches using real plants, flowers, fruits and woods, do not use synthetics, petrochemicals, fragrance oils, dyes, parabens, pthathlates or chemical fragrances in their product, use many organic materials in their products, but are not 100% organic, Charna has been named 2012 Natural Perfumer of the Year, perfume making classes are available at their location in Providence

Price* | $165

Range of Scents | Divine, Osmanthus Oolong, Moss Gown, Hindu Honeysuckle, Cocoa Tuberose, Rose Bohème, Tabac Citron, Ginger Lily & more!

Product Selection | 1.7 fl. oz (50mL) perfumes*, 5mL eau de parfum roller bottle, 5mL perfume oil roller bottle & samples of perfumes and perfume oils

My Recommendations | They have so many perfume samples on their website and I would pick up a few to try them out. Although, it’s much easier to go into their store in Providence to try out all the scents or make your own at their custom perfume bar! If I had to pick one to buy full-size, I would pick Osmanthus Oolong. It’s definitely not a traditional scent but I love the jasmine notes mixed in with the tea and citrus blossom notes.

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I hope you discovered some new natural perfume brands and potentially your own signature scent. I am still exploring a few perfumes and samples. But I’ll let you know when I find my signature scent.

‘Til next time

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