10 Goals for the New Year 2017

10 Goals for the New Year 2017

This year I’m stepping into a new chapter of my life as a post-grad adult. I want to make sure this year is successful so I’ve set out 10 goals for 2017. Now here are my goals for the new year.

Make more content

This year I want to make more videos and blog posts. I will spend more time planning and editing my videos & posts to make better content regardless of my busy schedule. By challenging myself, I can work on my Adobe Creative Suite skills too.

Feel healthy & energized

I always make health my new years resolution but I’ve never done it in terms of both physical and mental health. I always thought health was a physical and visual goal. This year it will be about feeling healthy and energized. I will work out more and eat healthier. I want to make sure my stress and anxiety are under control through meditation, diet and exercising.

Become a local

I just moved to the Boston area in the end of 2016. I want to feel more like a local this year. I want to explore the city and discover my Boston favorites along the way. When friends and family visit, I want to be able to show them my favorite things about Boston. This is the perfect way to love the east coast again after living for 5 years on the west coast.

Travel to new places

This year I want to travel with my boyfriend to new places. I’d love to travel to Taiwan during Lunar New Year to visit my boyfriend’s family and enjoy the new year celebrations. Also I’d love to travel within the United States too. I have had my eyes on cities like Seattle, Chicago and Portland.

Take care of my hair

My hair has been through a long and terrible 2016. I’ve finally returned it to a healthy and shorter state this past week. I want to make sure that I keep my hair shiny and healthy all year, if not longer. It will take lots of no-heat hairstyles and just enough hair products.

Cook more meals

I’ve cooked for myself here and there throughout college. When my boyfriend and I moved in together, he took the lead for cooking our daily meals. This year I want to share the responsibility and learn to cook new dishes. I’d love to establish some dishes that I would call my specialty or favorites.

Make art again

I used to make more art when I was in college and I loved it. Now I want to incorporate art back in my life. I’d love to make weekly art projects for fun and a few that I can add to my portfolio. Making more art would also help use up all the art materials that are currently sitting in my storage closet.

Grow all my herbs

I currently have 2 herb plants on my window sill: rosemary & mint. I’d love to add more plants to my window and learn to cook with only the herbs that I grow. I don’t a big apartment so it will be a fun challenge to grow herbs in my small apartment. Also, I would love to grow my herbs all year long and keep them thriving even during the winter.

Get a tattoo

I’m want to get a new tattoo in 2017. I have a few design ideas that I’ve wanted for some time now. This year I want to find the right tattoo artist in Boston to make it happen. It would be great to get my tattoo(s) during the winter or fall so the healing process doesn’t interfere with “shorts & bathing suit” season.

Sell my photos & designs

I rediscovered many of my photos on old external hard drives. The experience made me realize that they could be great stock photos. This year I want to start selling my favorite photos and graphic designs online. I want to consider which online platform would work best for me. I’m excited to formally establish myself as a photographer and graphic designer.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my goals for the new year. It’s a great way to really take one step further in making them happen because now I am accountable to all of you. Let’s make 2017 a fun and challenging year. What are some of your new years resolutions or goals? I’d love to hear them!



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