The Best Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup

Etsy has great options for natural, non-toxic makeup on a budget. When I recently ran out of my face powder, I discovered that etsy had quality and affordable natural makeup options. These shops have a wide selection of makeup items for the next time you need to pick up something for your makeup routine. Enjoy!


Simplicity Cosmetics

This esty shop (link) knows how to pull you in with the amazing photography of the items. Apart from avoiding nasty ingredients like parabens, bismuth, dyes and talc, this company focuses on using as few ingredients as possible. They have a selection of mineral foundations, blushes, eyeshadows and more. I’m drawn to their amazing taupe eyeshadows because their 6-piece set is $37 and it’s all you need for multiple eye looks.

Glory Boon in the Best Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup

Glory Boon

Glory Boon (link) has definitely won me over with their passion to detoxify our daily makeup routine! They don’t use parabens, phthalates or mineral oil and they’re 100% cruelty free. You find your color among their many blushes, concealers, lip liners, pressed eyeshadows and more. Their lip liner color selection is my dream come true: wearable browns and pinks.

Etherealle in The Best Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup


It’s incredible how much selection Etherealle (link) offers in the etsy shop: eye shadows, lip colors, blush, you name it. Their products are all handmade with high quality ingredients. Not to mention, they are vegan and cruelty free too! Sample sizes are available if you don’t want to commit to a full size. This shop has many special offers and other discounts which help you save a little money here and there. I’m definitely eyeing their matte shadows for a future purchase.

Willow Tree Minerals in the Best Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup

Willow Tree Minerals

Willow Tree Minerals (link) brings a playful touch of nature to all of their product photography. Their products are also one of my favorites, from their eye brow pencils to their foundations. I was looking far and wide for a matte white eye liner pencil and stumbled upon this shop. Their eye liners are amazing and they stay put very well; I cannot rave about them anymore. Apart from their selection of eye pencils, they have a great selection of foundations and concealers for fair to dark skin tones. Definitely check them out!

Earth Mineral Cosmetics in the Best Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup

Earth Mineral Cosmetics

This shop (link) is from Oregon and I was drawn to their shop because their foundations but I discovered much more. With endless options of natural mineral and plant based foundations, concealer, blush, bronzer, veil, eye shadow, & lip balms, there’s not much we can’t find in Earth Mineral Cosmetics. I’m the biggest fan of their blush color range, since it’s been difficult to find blushes in other pinks that aren’t a HOT PINK. That’s just not my color.

Beneficial Minerals Co in the Best Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup

Beneficial Minerals Co

Then, there’s Beneficial Minerals Co (link) and they have their color game on point. They are an organic and vegan mineral makeup shop so don’t worry about finding yucky ingredients like carmine in their shadows. I’ve been falling in love with their eye shadow trios and quads that have different but very wearable colors like my favorite warm browns. Check them out!

Parlo Cosmetics in the Best Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup

Parlo Cosmetics

In true etsy fashion, Parlo Cosmetics (link) knows how to bring handmade and high quality to you at an affordable price. They focus on simple cosmetics without all the nasty toxins like talc, filler, etc. Their packaging is incredibly adorable and chic. I also love the moisturizing touch of jojoba oil in their amazingly pigmented eye shadows. They also offer a variety of concealers, lip colors and more with a free sample with every purchase.

Clean-faced Cosmetics in the Best Etsy Shops for Natural Makeup

Clean-faced Cosmetics

If you are looking for vegan, organic handmade makeup, Clean-faced Cosmetics (link) is the etsy shop of your dream. The variety is incredible with a range of tinted moisturizer and powder foundations to tinted lip balms. I’ve found colors for eyeshadows and non-traditional color options for eyeliner and mascara. Also, I discovered some all-in-one products like their eyeliner and mascara duo product. Save money and space in your makeup bag.



Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites or if you’ve checked out these etsy shops before.


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