Ethical & Environmentally Friendly Stocking Stuffers: Socks

Ethical Socks: Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Nothing says fall or winter like bringing out your cozy, warm socks. Sometimes we easily overlook buying the essentials like socks from fair trade or ethical brands. So I compiled a list of my favorite ethical brands (mostly American companies) that sell cool socks to help you make your season purchases a little easier.


Every day socks? Fun socks? Why not both? PACT offers different styles and lengths for both men or women. This is definitely up your alley if you enjoy stripes, flowers or winter prints. I love their color range and the thickness of the socks, which are both on the lighter side. The price is about $10 per pair and very comparable to other popular mainstream sock brands. Needless to say, PACT is a great company & they just revamped their website – check out their socks [here] and learn about their story [here].


For the minimalist & geometric junkie in everyone, Thokk Thokk satisfies your sock needs. Their designs reflect their cool German vibes with amazing color choices, lengths and prints. They are priced at about 10€ [~$11] which is also comparable to mainstream brands. Although these are coming from Germany, they offer free international shipping to the US. Unfortunately I don’t know the details for purchase requirements because the website is a little confusing. Definitely check out their socks & their company [here].


Here’s an American brand of ethical socks that knows what’s up. They have great colorful designs for men and women that make sock buying fun! These are all certified organic cotton socks and don’t use bleach. The price for a pair of these socks is around $15, but it depends on the style. Also the CEO’s story is a source for inspiration for our generation. She incorporates knowledge from past generations to change an everyday thing like socks with an ethical, fun twist. Anyways, Zkano is a must to check out [here]!


Nothing screams winter like desert cactus socks. I’m joking but the Sock Club designs make me want to buy cactus socks in the middle of a cold winter. They are an ethical American brand that provide cool sock designs like skylines, stripes, color blocks and more. At $14 per pair, it’s not a bad price for these fun, unisex socks. Can’t bother with picking socks? Check out their monthly sock subscription for a little monthly surprise for $12 per month. You can find their shop [ here] and their subscription service [here].

Thanks for checking out my top list of ethical socks. Do you have any suggestions or shout-outs? Leave them in the comments.

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