Living Minimal: It’s Official


Moving is packing your belongings and taking them with you to a new place. I had my own run-in with moving this past January when I returned to campus. It quickly became obvious that the amount of items my partner and I owned was a little overwhelming. I remember thinking it would be easier if I could just select my keepsakes, some favorite outfits and be done with mess. As you can imagine, this never happened. The fear of letting go can be so inhibiting. So my partner, massive boxes and I moved into our little studio.

My college runs on a quarter system and moving in took longer because classes move at a quicker pace. So I just recently had time to sit down and think about decluttering my life, and now I’ve officially decided to live minimally from now on. I’ve been looking to online resources for help, structure and general tips. The goal is to only live with what I value and avoid accumulating the extra stuff. I would also love to develop my capsule wardrobe and follow Project 333. Unfortunately I’m a student who has a lot of art and design projects that require a consistent supply of materials to build and prototype with. I know that this obligation will challenge how I manage to declutter. I’d love to hear about your past experiences or ongoing ones to learn about starting off and staying on track. Or if you have experience with being an artist or designer and living minimally, please share your tips in the comments.

My goal for next week: To declutter my desk including stationary and tech accessories. To use up lotions and beauty items. To avoid throwing away spoiled fresh groceries.

I don’t have a detailed plan yet but I’ll try to set weekly decluttering or usage goals and updates on purchase habits.

Thanks and join me if you’d like!

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